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Graduate Printmaking Exhibition

March 25, 2009
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Graduate Printmaking Exhibition

The Graduate printmaking exhibition highlights diverse styles, formats, and subject matter. This show displays work from various artists, and provides a wide selection of different ways in which printmaking can be utilized. Some employ text, some are minimal, others colorful, and all in varying sizes. The materials on which the prints are executed stretch from pulpy papers to heavy fabrics. One of the two striking images in the career services office when one enters is a seven foot tall black and white print depicting a death struggle between a giant squid and a whale, half a ship sinking behind them. The inky water around them punctuated with drowning sailors and whitecaps. The other is a print of the same size, white backing with a bright green cassette tape a the top with the spools of tape ribboning out in curls, playing with the depth and movement, complete with animated movement lines. Some of the other colorful prints include an industrial themed set of two depictions of chains and cogs, presented in dark tones of rusts and earthy hues. The two feature similar tinges of thickly laid ink, with darker shadows, and an almost solid, waxy surface. Another rendering of color in the show is seemingly an experiment with the color purple. By using severely different shades of purple, the image of a broken television is all the more arresting with the shot of white to depict the cracked screen. The floral wallpaper behind the television creates a pale and blue-purple backdrop for the aptly titled, “Go to the Park.”



December 12, 2008
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Micah Bozeman – Drawings at EastOne Gallery

Micah Bozeman Drawings
Exhibition at EastOne Gallery
Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY
November 10th, 2008 – December 2nd, 2008

Review by Cat Metayer

Micah Bozeman’s artwork tends to make its surroundings more rustic by association. While some of his work is ink and charcoal on paper, the majority of the exhibition employs recycled wood. Bozeman works with natural shapes and lines and using wood for a medium showcases his style.

Bozeman is a Fine Arts major with a concentration on sculpture at Pratt Institute in his junior year. For the work in this exhibition, Bozeman collected the wood from different parts of New York, most of which comes from used wooden pallets. He claims that while he strives to make organic shapes, the lumber itself influences what he draws on it. Bozeman chooses to work with instead of against the basis for his art. Some of the pieces are wood displaying art, and others are art displaying wood, in all instances both art and timber compliment one another. Bozeman’s concentration on sculpture creates a harmony between the two and three dimensional aspects of his work. Some of the wooden pieces are focused on the drawing itself, while others are focused on all facets of the wood, thus creating an entirely new breadth for his vocation.

The general reaction to the exhibit has been one of intrigue and surprise. In a severe contrast to the more colorful prior exhibits, Bozeman’s display is much more understated and minimal. Passersby have called the show’s organic shapes “lively” and “sexual.” The drawn shapes seem to be a meditation on the organic topic; with curves and upswept lines further weaving together the natural theme of the exhibit.

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